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Project Life Crop

Posted on by Laura

Join Mandee on the Project Life journey inspired by Becky Higgins in the fun crop-lead class. 

Project Life Defined by Mandee Mattioli:

“When I think about my life, a few words come to mind… Full, Crazy, Blessed, Challenging, Loving, Changing, Fast, Busy (really busy), Grateful, Good…just to name a few.  As a Scrapbooker, I worry about getting all of these feelings into my pages.  I really want to remember how I am feeling, what I am feeling, and WHEN I am feeling it.  In a traditional scrapbook, this is really hard!!  I am sure many of you said ‘I will NEVER be caught up’.  I feel the same way!  I fall into the category of individuals who has a ton of things that I want to scrap, but not nearly enough time to get it down.   This is where Project Life comes in!!  This project has truly changed the way I document my life.  Yes, I still scrapbook in a traditional way because I love scrapbooking, but I no longer feel that overwhelming sense of failure to keep up with all the activities that are dear to me. Project Life has released me from that.”

What is Project Life?

Project Life is a way to document as much or as little of YOUR life and the events in it that YOU hold dear.  Think of it as a journal of pictures.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, because it is all about YOUR life.  You can include a photo a day, one a week, a few a week, or a monthly overview of shots.  Sometimes, you may have a ton of stories to tell and photos to remember; and sometimes you may only have stories but no photos; or just photos you love, but no real story.  So, if you think you are interested in this type of scrapbooking, let’s get ready.  The classes are offered once a month, so you can start preparing now.  You may want to start collecting little things  in your life that you want to include in this album and dust off that camera and start taking photos.   Another thing to consider is carrying around a little notebook to jot down stories, quotes, and things you hear.  Some things to think about when collecting photos and objects:

-What do I want to remember about my life right now? (It doesn’t always have to be about people)

-What are some of my routines?

-What is new in my life? What is the same?

-What are the things that I love about right now?

-Who is important to me and why?

-What am I grateful?

Some ideas of things to include in your album are:

-Garden shots, home shots, family shots, current events, favorite t.v. show, cost of items purchased, gifts, cooking, receipts, movie tickets, concert tickets, packaging, invitations, thank you notes, kids art, newspaper clippings, computer screen printouts, clothing or purchased items tags, labels, pamphlets, advertisements… anything really!!

What to bring to Class:

An album designated for Project Life, printed photos, collected items, paper trimmer, adhesives, scissors, journal tags, and embellishments.  Mandee will also bring her items and Project Life stash for ideas and creations. 


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