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Popular Product Alert!! Un-Du!

Posted on by Laura

Each time I show a customer this product, they cannot believe their eyes.  Generally, I recommend un-du to customers who are taking old scrapbooks (that are not acid free or lignin free) and transferring them into new archival safe albums and protectors.  Un-du will remove almost any type of glue, adhesive, or sticker without damaging photos or paper.  It really is like magic.

Now that I find myself using the product all the time in my crafting when I make a mistake, or change my mind (which is quite often), or need to clean up my tools gunky with adhesive -I have an easy fix!  Anytime I am using Un-Du in the craft room, customers cannot believe that I have not told them about it.   So here it is on the blog!  It is located in the adhesive section of the store.  🙂

Watch this video to see how truly USEFUL this product is!!

p.s. do use this product in a well ventilated space!  My mom always starts to act funny when she uses this! LOL

One Response to Popular Product Alert!! Un-Du!

  1. Dana D. says:

    I’ve used un-do for a long time and just like you say Laura it’s wonderful and does all the things you said.

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