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Our Bus Trip to the Expo is Tomorrow!!

Posted on by Laura

We are so excited for the bus trip tomorrow!!  Its so exciting that the Expo is less than 1 day away!!

Please do not forget to FULLY read all the information provided on the Expo Event Page on the Online Calendar.  If you have any questions after reading, please call the store at 775-746-1212.

See you tomorrow bright and early!!

6 Responses to Our Bus Trip to the Expo is Tomorrow!!

  1. Kodi says:

    On the bus to the expo!! Hoping to win the raffle on the way home! 😊

  2. Diane says:

    Having a good time going to the expo!!

  3. Dori Mendiola says:

    Hi Laura,

    Awesome bus trip! LOVE this EXPO trip! Great fun with great friends!

  4. Wendy Brazell says:

    Checking in .On the bus to the Scrapbook Expo! Wendy Brazell

  5. Maria D says:

    Arriving to the convention center, excited for the expo

  6. Debbie allan says:

    I love you. But u cost me a lot of money lol. Had a wonderful time thank u deb

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