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New Doodlebug Sunkissed is Here!!

Posted on by Laura

We love the new Sunkissed Collection from Doodlebug and you will too! On beautiful sunny days like these, it makes me want to get out the beach towels and head to the pool!  When we actually get to do it, have this collection handy to scrapbook all those great Summer memories!! And cardmakers, home décor artists, and minibookers… you wont want to miss this one either!  We also have some Easter Parade, Hello Sunshine left for those of you looking for more Doodlebug!  Also, Patriotic Picnic is shipping soon to Scrapbook Paradise!  And as always, come quick.  Doodlebug is always a limited time collection as once they are sold out, they don’t make more!

Have a lovely day!

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