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Happy Camp Day Campers!!

Posted on by Laura

It’s FINALLY here!!  I’m so excited to see all of you at 4pm today!

PLEASE do not arrive before 4pm.  The Crop Room will not be ready and a group is leaving before us.  We want to make sure that the cabins are perfectly cleaned for our group and the crop room is ready for you!!

Remember to bring warm clothes!  It will be chillier up there than previous years!

When you arrive, the volunteers will be waiting for you wearing boas so you can spot us with our many layers on!  The volunteers will assist you in finding your cabin, the lodge, and with any questions you may have.  Check in will be inside the doors of the lodge!

Can’t wait for a great camp!! 🙂


2 Responses to Happy Camp Day Campers!!

  1. Jacque Day says:

    Laura – I can’t not express myself fully but here goes: I and my sister had the most wonderful, inspiring experience ever. We met some great gals, started new friendships, loved the whole experience! The chill in the air made it more memorable. Robin and I enjoyed all the music, laughter, dances, the movies, meeting new people at each of our meals, loving and singing, talking and working to the early morning and most of all learning so much. What a great group of women. I can not wait until next year.

    See you soon at the store –


    • Laura says:


      Thank you for your sweet message! Makes my heart feel so good knowing that you and Robin had a great time!

      It was so wonderful having you both at camp! Thank you for bringing your smiling faces, great dancing, and wonderful personalities to make for an even better camp experience!! I cant wait to see you soon at the store and have you both at camp next year!! Thank you for a wonderful time!
      p.s. did you see the pictures? There is a really cute one of you and Dori!! 🙂

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