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Enjoy Making this Nutcracker Sweet Tag!

Posted on by Laura

Click on the link below to make this gorgeous holiday tag for the next gift you give away.  I can already see this on the pumpkin bread I make for the holidays each year.  Best part about the tags, I dont write directly on them so my friends and loved ones get to use the tag again – they love it!  They get a yummy treat and a tag to use for the holidays!  Enjoy!

Nutcracker Sweet Tag Directions

One Response to Enjoy Making this Nutcracker Sweet Tag!

  1. Dana D. says:

    Thanks Laura, really cute. I’m going to do this and put it on pumpkin bread I make and give away each year……did I just hear some one say the same thing……….ha………just kidding Laura, but I am going to make this tag………and you do have me thinking about making the pumpkin bread now.

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