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Hey all you fans of Copic Markers. As you know, Scrapbook Paradise currently carries 144 colors of the Copic Sketch Markers. We’ve tried to figure out how best to introduce some of the other 190 fabulous colors and came up with the following plan:

  • Each month we will temporarily bring in 6-12 colors outside of the the 144 colors we currently stock
  • We will choose colors within 1 or 2 color families to help you complete your ‘natural blending groups’
  • We will carry/order these ‘new’ (to Scrapbook Paradise) colors for one month only

For July, we’ve selected 6 colors, 3 in the Red (R) family and 3 in the Blue (B) family. These colors can nicely compliment Copic Sketch colors that you might already own. They are:

  • R85 (Rose Red), R14 (Light Rouge), and R12 (Light Tea Rose)
  • B23 (Phthalo Blue), B04 (Tahitian Blue), and B01 (Mint Blue) 

We currently have 6 of each of these colors in stock but will re-stock and take orders for these 6 colors through out July. Stop by and check out these fab new Copic colors – and don’t forget, BINGO cards are available starting tomorrow – Friday, July 2nd. These cards have 16 different savings opportunities on them and some AWESOME prizes! Remember, the longer you play, the more you save.

See you soon and have a wonderful (and safe) July 4th!

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