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Coloring with Copics March class

Shake your tailfeathers!

Hi everyone!! I hope you’re ready for a FUN class this month! First there’s a very light hearted, fun card in your future! If you haven’t been by the shop to see “Shake Your Tailfeathers!”, then this is your first peek at it! I hope you like it! I used BG11, 13, 15, and a smidge of 18 along with E93, 95, 97, and 99 for his beek. R20 and 22, His shadow around him was done using BG10 and the blender pen.

Now we’re doing something really different this month. I’ve talked about this in the intro to Copics class, and now you get to play with it.  ooooo…got your interest up???? (smiles)  We will be coloring on fabric!!! YAAAAAY!!!  You will each receive a flour sack tea towel to play to your hearts content. I will bring some Magnolia kitchen themed stamps with me along with an ink pad. Please bring your favorite skin colors and whatever other colors you want to play with. Bring colors to match your kitchen if you want. I used some reds and some earthtones. If you want, just bring your whole set and then you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure they’re marked so they make it safely back home with you!!

For coloring on fabric, please bring your craft mat and embossing heat gun with you if you have them.  The heat gun is not completely necessary for the process, but if you heat up the fabric, the alcohol dissipates a little more quickly, which helps with the feathering factor. Yes, you will definitely have a feathering issue when you first attempt this. BUT!!!! The blender works on fabric too! WOOHOO!!! Gotta LOVE that blender pen!!

So….I sure hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!! See you in class! Hugs!!

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