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Catch Up with JoElle

Posted on by Laura

As so many of you ask me everyday how Karen and JoElle are doing, I have asked them to each do a write-up to catch us all up with them.  Feel free to reply to the post so JoElle can see your responses.  Here she is:

Happy Spring everyone! I know it’s been ages since I’ve been in touch with you
all via the blog so here’s a big ‘hello’ to you all from me (joElle) in
Portland. I know last Sunday was a very important day for Laura and Scrapbook
Paradise and even though I couldn’t be there in person, you all were in my
thoughts. Thinking about how Laura must be feeling on her first anniversary as
owner of Scrapbook Paradise brought me on a little trip down memory lane
(remember the year you had to pop the balloon for your prize – thought we were
going to give someone a heart attack!) Really though, Its hard to put into words
just how magical it is to have a dream and see it come to life. To have a
passion for crafting, create a place that you hope other crafters will enjoy and
then watch that place come alive with all the personalities, talents, stories,
and laughter of all those who create within it’s walls is an amazingly wonderful
thing. I am so proud and grateful for all laura has achieved during her first
year and i am thrilled everytime i check the website or blog and see all the
buzz that is taking place around the store. New teachers, exciting classes and
events and the product … lets not forget all the fabulous product! But what im
even more excited to see is that all of you are still as special as any group of
crafters could possibly be. Really, I do believe that there is something
uniquely wonderful about the scrapbooking community in Reno. I frequent a store
in Portland that does a great job getting in the product but has no classes and
no crop room and therefore, no community. I’ve been to stores that have the crop
rooms but the croppers aren’t sharing what they are working on and enjoying each
other’s company. Yep, there is definitely something special about the
scrapbookers in Reno and about Scrapbook Paradise. I feel lucky to have been a
part of it and I feel twice as fortunate to be able to watch it continue to grow
with Laura. Congratulations to you all for being a part of something truly
special and the next time you walk through the store’s doors, please take a
moment to appreciate the store, it’s owner and employees, the teachers, AND your
fellow crafters. Happy scrappin’ and happy spring!

One Response to Catch Up with JoElle

  1. Elaine Bates says:

    Joelle, I’ll be in Portland June 14-17 and would love to visit a scrapbook store up there. In all the times I’ve been there, haven’t found one. Even went to Beaverton looking!

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