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A Little Serious Humor to Start your Day

Posted on by Laura

Imagine this scenario:

You pre-ordered the latest and greatest items in scrapbooking from Scrapbook Paradise. All you have been able to think about was getting the new items and making that amazing project you have been obsessing about.  A week has gone by, you answer the phone and its Scrapbook Paradise!!!!… “Good Morning, we are calling you to let you know that your”  another call beeps in so you have to put us on hold.  The other line is a sales call!?!  You cant even focus on what the telemarketer is saying because in your mind you are wondering which product came in – was is just one thing, two, maybe all of them? Finally, you are able to get off the sales call and return to the phone call to find out what has come in for you.  The moment you return another call is coming in.  You again, place the store on hold to find that its another sales call.  You begin to wonder if you will ever find out what is waiting for you at Scrapbook Paradise…..

Don’t let this be you.  Go to and remove your phone numbers from the National Do Not Call List.

I know my scenario is a little goofy, but on a serious note I wanted to pass this on to protect all of our customers. 🙂

One Response to A Little Serious Humor to Start your Day

  1. Dana Davis says:

    Thanks Laura, I’m headed to that site right now

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