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3rd Annual Road Trip to Sacramento!! Sign Ups Begin Today!!

Posted on by Laura
Scrapbook Paradise is taking our 3rd Annual Road Trip to the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo October 17, 2015!! 
$105 includes Everything!!!
-VIP/Early Bird Ticket to the Sacramento
 Scrapbook Expo
-Reserved Seat to and from Sacramento on
 a Comfy & Clean Charter Bus
-Buses will drop us off and pick us up right in front
 of the Expo Entrance!  No parking hassles, parking
 costs, or driving home after a long expo day. 
-Scrapbook Paradise Goody Bag
-Yummy Breakfast Catered by House of Bread
-Fun Games, Raffles, and Prizes on the bus
-Scrapbook Expo Goody Bag on Arrival to Expo
-Bag valet when we arrive and during the expo (no
 carrying around heavy bags all day)
-VIP rest area for Scrapbook Paradise Customers
-Spacious bus storage to bring your Expo Purchases
-Catered Sandwiches ready and made just
 for you for the trip home on the bus after the
-Special Coupons for #1 Sellers at the Expo
-3 Chances to win a $20 Gift Certificate to
 Scrapbook Paradise Ask Us How When You Sign Up!
-A Great Girl’s Day Out!
Taking sign ups NOW!! Limited Seating Available.  A $50 deposit is due upon booking.  Full payment is due by September 1st. Please call 775-746-1212 now to reserve your seat!  This event fills quickly each year.

Please Read All Information. 

Important Expo Information


**Please wear a pink shirt if you can.  It will be easier to spot our group and we can enter the expo with Reno pride to hopefully get the expo to RENO next year. 


**Seating chart will be available October 11th at 10am on the bus expo website.  As always, we want to place you with your requested please let us know at the time of sign up who you would like to sit with.  


5:30am  Scrapbook Paradise Opens

                -Please park in the store’s parking lot.

                -Come inside for a warm cup of coffee and a slice of

                 breakfast bread from the House of Bread.

                -Please bring your favorite coffee cup with a lid and 

                 your favorite sugar and creamer if needed. 

5:45am  Bus Loading Information

                 -Bus Arrives

                 -Please drop off your rolling bags (All Bags must be

                  clearly marked with your full name and phone

                  number) to the underbus storage.

                  Please keep your purses, carry-ons, snacks, and

                  drinks with you.

                -Volunteers will direct you to your seat.  Please find

 your seat right away and remain seated.  The quicker

 we load, the sooner we will be in Sacramento and

  shopping to our heart’s content!

6:15am  Buses Leave Scrapbook Paradise

                 The buses are contracted to leave at 6:15am.  Please

                 arrive no later than 5:45am as the bus will not


8:30am  Buses Arrive to Scrapbook Expo

                 Once we arrive to the Expo, our group must check in.

                 Your bus volunteers will have a large sign for you to

                 follow for 30 yards into the expo center.  You must

                 stay with the group in order to get your entry pass.

                 You are welcome to leave items on the bus during the

                 expo, but the bus will not be back to the

                 convention center until 5pm.  After you receive your

                 wristband, you are expo ready!  Have a great time!!


Expo Tips

-Wear Comfortable Shoes

-Rolling bags are the easiest to travel with.  The convention center will have a bag check-in.  You can leave your bag and visit during the expo to drop off purchases.

-Our group will have a VIP rest top available in the convention center this year!

-You are welcome to bring a lunch if you do not wish to eat at the expo.

-Bring your personal favorite drinks for the bus (we have been approved for alcoholic beverages if you wish to have them)

-Take pictures while at the expo to remember your favorites

-Keep track of time (so you can get everything in)

-Enjoy every second of it!!

9:00am  Early Bird Entry Begins

                 Time to go shopping, learn lots, and spend a great

                 day with other crafters!  We hope you enjoy your day

                 at the expo and we will look forward to seeing

                 everyone and their purchases at 5pm.

5:00pm  Scrapbook Expo Ends

   Please arrive to the outdoor tables promptly after

   the expo.  Bus volunteers will greet you with your

   choice of sandwich.  Please add your condiments to

   your sandwich and find the same bus sign you walked

   into the expo with.  The bus sign volunteer will guide

   you to where the bus is parked.

5:30pm  Buses Leave Convention Center

  Your dinner hour and a nice relaxing drive with a

  movie awaits you!!  Please arrive to the buses

  promptly after picking up your sandwich and chips.

Please choose from the following selections for dinner and email your choice to by October 11th at 6pm.   If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours, please call the store.  If we do not receive a selection, we will order you Sandwich #1.

Sandwich #1:  Turkey and Provolone on Sourdough.

Sandwich #2:  Swiss Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, and Provolone on Sourdough.

Sandwich #3:  Smoked Ham and Swiss on Sourdough

Condiments available:  Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Olives, Pickles, Pepperoncinis, and packets of oil/vinegar.

We will email your dinner selection confirmation within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation, call the store immediately at 775-746-1212.  Please remember, If we do not receive a dinner selection, we will order Sandwich #1 for you. 

I cant wait for this event!  We are going to have a blast!  Please contact Scrapbook Paradise if you have any questions!

See you Saturday Bright & Early!!

Laura Evasovic

Scrapbook Paradise


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